CAPIS is a cutting-edge application designed to revolutionize the way you capture and manage data.

Say goodbye to paper forms and embrace a more efficient and digital approach. 

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Create Forms in Minutes

Transform data collection into a digital process using intelligent mobile forms.

> Easily generate robust, fully-featured mobile forms within minutes using our user-friendly forms builder.  

Role-Based Access Control

App´s role-based access control enables you to centrally manage user accounts and permissions without the need to rely on IFarming support for user administration. 

Flexibility to Capture Data, Photos and Audio  

Unlock a multitude of potential possibilities.

> Store various types of data such as qualitative (nominal, ordinal), quantitative (discrete and continuous), date/time, true/false values, references to objects, and much more.   

> Empower your field team to effortlessly utilize digital data collection forms for capturing photos, images and audio directly within the form itself. 

> By utilizing this app, multiple users can simultaneously access and fill out forms.

> You can customize the way users complete a form to suit your needs.

> Say goodbye to:

    • time spent on deciphering handwritten forms.
    • lose critical information.
    • the time-consuming task of manually re-entering form data.

Reporting Engine

With the ad hoc reporting engine, users have the flexibility to design their own reports, save them, and export them in diverse formats.

> Export data into Excel and CSV formats, enabling easy manipulation and analysis.

> Visualize and export data over time using graphs, pie charts and heatmaps, providing clear representations whenever data needs to be presented in a visual format. 

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